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The “Drinking Water Cycle” is Right

by Michael J. McGuire Blogs are not supposed to suggest solutions.  All blogs have to do is rail against something and get folks stirred up.  This is so.  It’s in the blogger’s manual somewhere. A funny thing happened after I … Continue reading

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African Clawed Frogs Redux

by Michael J. McGuire In 1984, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California was infested with 840,000 African Clawed Frogs in San Joaquin Reservoir. The photo is of a young Ed Means trudging up the reservoir slope with his frog-catching tools. … Continue reading

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SDW.com is Back!

by Michael J. McGuire In November 2000, I created the newsletter safedrinkingwater.com NEWS.  The purpose of the newsletter was to keep water professionals up-to-date on what was happening in the world of water quality especially with updates on USEPA and … Continue reading

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