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Drinking Water Regulatory Update—December 3, 2012

 By Michael J. McGuire Alan Roberson is the Director of Federal Relations for the American Water Works Association. He has released the latest in a series of drinking water regulatory updates. The regulatory update covers these important topics: Consumer Confidence … Continue reading

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Drinking Water Update: Legislative, Regulatory and Security

by Michael J. McGuire On October 11, 2012, Alan Roberson, Director of Federal Relations, American Water Works Association, Government Affairs Office, gave a talk to the Member Agency Water Quality Managers in Los Angeles. In the late 1980s, I actually … Continue reading

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My Erin Brockovich Nightmare

by Michael J. McGuire I have this recurring nightmare.  The California Department of Public Health is criticized for taking too long to set a maximum contaminant level for hexavalent chromium.  Frustrated environmental groups sue CDPH.  The California Legislature calls a public … Continue reading

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