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The Power of Water Resource Professionals to Improve The Lives of Millions Around the World

Publisher’s Note:  Erin and I worked together a few years ago, and I was always impressed with her drive and intelligence. You will discover after reading this first guest article that she is passionate about what she does and she … Continue reading

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John L. Leal—Hero of Public Health

by Michael J. McGuire Who? I’ve never heard of him. How could he be a hero of public health? He wasn’t like Jonas Salk was he? Did he invent a vaccine to cure one of the dreaded diseases that killed … Continue reading

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The Road to Hana…and Water History

by Michael J. McGuire Deborah and I have wanted to go to the beautiful town of Hana since we started vacationing on the island of Maui several years ago.  Guidebooks paint a grim picture of the “Road to Hana” as … Continue reading

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“Don’t know much about history…”

by Michael J. McGuire With apologies to the legendary Sam Cooke and his 1958 hit song, “Wonderful World.” The fact is that environmental engineers and scientists who are practicing today know very little about the history of their profession.  Heaven … Continue reading

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