Michael J. McGuire

Michael J. McGuire

From Nov. 10, 2000 to Sept. 10, 2008, I published a weekly newsletter called safedrinkingwater.com NEWS. With the help of WordPress, I have resurrected the newsletter as a blog.  My goal is to publish articles of interesting water quality stories that I author, and to invite guest bloggers to contribute their ideas and points of view.  In any of these articles, when I want to add my opinion, I will clearly label it as “Commentary.”  I will also upload to this blog items that are interesting to me from the wonderful world of water.

If you want to reach me directly, send an email to mike AT michaeljmcguire DOT com (where AT = @ and DOT = “.”) [FYI I do this to try and avoid spam emails from spiders and autobots]

2 Responses to About

  1. Hello,
    I wanted to know what your fee is for advertising? and how many followers to you have.
    You see I am a water advocate. I have been drinking water religiously for the past 6 years. But it wasn’t until a year ago I found that some of the bottle water on the grocery stores shelf is just as bad if not worse than regular tap water. So I research what would be the best method of getting good quality water and now I am a distributor of Kangen water. Below is information video on the product. Appreciate your time.


    If interested please let me know


  2. Hi Michael

    I have been following your blog for a while. I can’t find a contact form for your site but I would be interested in writing a guest blog post for you.

    You can see my work here at http://www.mrwatergeek.com/

    Please get in touch.
    Mr Water Geek

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