Dr. John Snow Online Seminar Recording

Title slide for Online SeminarThe online seminar, Dr. John Snow Speaks from Beyond the Grave, that was held on March 12, 2013, was a lot of fun and seemed to be well received by our audience. The entire two-hour seminar can be found at: http://bit.ly/14X5k6U

When you click on the link, you will be directed to Blackboard Collaborate, a Java applet will be downloaded to your computer and you will be asked it Blackboard Collaborate can have access to your computer. Click on “Allow” and you will be taken to the window that will show you the entire seminar. Be patient. It takes a few seconds to load. Click on the arrow on the bottom to start the talks. You can use the slider to jump ahead, and the vertical markers on the slider indicate when a new slide was shown. In order for the application to work, you MUST have the latest version of Java on your computer.

Later next week, the individual segments will be posted on the wastewatereducation.org YouTube Channel. Many thanks to Dendra Best for giving us access to all of these wonderful tools. Watch this space for a link and more information.

Here is the final agenda for the seminar:

Dr. John Snow Speaks from Beyond the Grave—An Online Seminar

1. Sandra Hempel, Author of The Strange Case of the Broad Street Pump. “John Snow–The Man.”

2. Michael J. McGuire, MJM, Inc. “Legacy of Dr. John Snow: Water Filtration & Chlorination in the U.S. during the Early 20th Century.”

3. Steve Via, American Water Works Association. “Dr. John Snow: Impact on U.S. Regulation of Drinking Water.”

4. Lindsay Olson, Artist In Residence, Stickney Water Reclamation Plant. “Raising Awareness About Wastewater Through Art:  Manufactured River.”

5. Deborah Falta, Senior Lecturer, Department of Public Health Sciences, Clemson University. “Miasma and Death by Cholera: Dr. John Snow and the Dawn of the Germ Theory of Disease.”

6. Christl Tate, Water Resources Project Coordinator and Shelly Wallingford, Credentialing Manager, National Environmental Health Association. “The History of Sanitarians:  How Far We Have Come.”

Enjoy the seminar!

About safedrinkingwaterdotcom

McGuire is an environmental engineer and writer. He has worked in the drinking water community for over 40 yrs
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