Common Cup Countdown–October 29, 2012

Dixie Cup Company Water Tower

October 29, 2012:  Common Cup Countdown-1 day to the 100th anniversary of 1st U.S. drinking water regulation-Dixie Cups.

“By 1912 the cup company had semiautomatic dispensers and began selling the product to drug stores and soda fountains as the Health Kup. The great influenza epidemic of 1918 boosted sales immensely, but it also stimulated competition, so the two executives renamed their product Dixie Cup in 1919 to set it off from their rivals. They moved their manufacturing facilities to Easton, Pennsylvania in 1921 and during the Roaring Twenties added the very popular Dixie Cup ice cream to their line. Moore reported to Doctor Crumbine in 1935 that his company had a monopoly on the idea at first but currently there were fifteen or twenty others making paper cups ‘of one kind or another’ and he estimated their total annual production at 3,000,000,000.”

Reference: Lee, R. Alton. From Snake Oil to Medicine:  Pioneering Public Health. Westport, CT:Praeger, 2007, p. 77.

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McGuire is an environmental engineer and writer. He has worked in the drinking water community for over 50 yrs
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