Gypsum Cave Diving

by Michael J. McGuire

For those scuba divers who wonder what it would be like to dive in a gypsum cave in over 100 feet of water at 5 degrees C, check out this post on Google+.  The pictures are incredible.  Of course, most of the divers that I know would not be crazy enough to try this.  For the science geeks, remember that this is a gypsum cave–calcium sulfate!  All of the walls and huge blocks of stone are calcium sulfate.  I have seen a lot of limestone cave dive photos, but never photos like this. 

You can also go directly to a website which has a lot of photos of the cave.

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McGuire is an environmental engineer and writer. He has worked in the drinking water community for over 40 yrs
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1 Response to Gypsum Cave Diving

  1. Wow! Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

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